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Don't Forget The Bags!

When starting to talk about cloth diapering, we talk about types of diapers: covers, pockets and (All-in-Ones) AiO, and even the accessories like and wipes and inserts and creams. The last thing that is talked about are the bags, the storage of said wet, dirty, smelly diapers between washes and while out of the house… So, let’s talk about it!

A couple common questions come to mind:

Where are you storing the diapers between washes?

Do you have space for a diaper pail, or somehow hang a bag?

Where is it the most convenient for your family?

What can get into these bags… crawling babies, curious puppies?

This is our solution.

Avery is into the "need to spray or plop or scrape" phase of starting solids, where we need to have a wet bag IN our bathroom. There is no way am I walking through my house (with beige carpet) with a dripping wet, dirty diaper. The Hanging Wet Bag is the perfect space-saving solution for us, plus how cute are the print it comes in?! This bag has two reinforced handles that snap apart to hang, a double zipper, and Polyurethane laminate (PUL) lining. Floor space is limited in our main floor bathroom and I would be terrified if our new puppy got into the diapers. Dogs and dirty diapers would be a bad combo!

There are many uses for the Hanging Wet Bag. Since it has handles, it works perfectly for a laundry bag too. Whether at home or on the go. We used ours for sending off Jacqui with my parents camping! Easy for transport and the perfect bag to keep her dirty clothes separate for once she got home for me to do laundry. Every cloth diaper mom deep down loves doing laundry, so you will love the Hanging Wet Bag. I know Avery does!

If you have room for a diaper pail (I will admit to being jealous of your spacious bathroom), Smart Bottoms also has a great Pail Liner that comes in solids and prints to match any décor. Their Pail Liner is made out of PUL with an elastic band at the top to keep it secure in your pail. There are a variety of sizes of wet bags for all your organizational needs at home, in your diaper bag, and even for mom!

So, don’t forget the bags!

Make that two because you need to have one to wash and one to use ;)


I am Janice, 32 years young and momma to Jacquilyn and Avery, and we live in London, Ontario, Canada. I am a birth and postpartum doula and placenta specialist, who loves taking photos of my little ones... what mom doesn't! We found cloth at 6 months with Jacqui when I was looking into options for 'greener' disposable diapers (such an contradiction) but nonetheless I came across cloth diapers! LOTS of research and many purchases later we jumped in, head first, and we were full time cloth diapering within a few weeks. I have been addicted ever since ;) 

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  • Janice these bags look amazing. I’m definitely have to check one out. I’m totally curious on how they compare to my FUnky Fluff hanging wet bag.


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