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Why I Love Cloth Diapering

This blog post was contributed by guest blogger Nicole Stevens. 

This was our 5th baby, all the others used disposables so cloth diapering was completely unchartered territory for us.  Luckily, I had some co-workers that were also having babies about the same time that we were and they were already very passionate about cloth diapering.  They helped to give me the basics on storage, washing and what was needed to begin our journey.

I instantly became in LOVE cloth diapering!  Knowing that we were using the safest and most natural products on our baby really put us at ease.  We weren’t worried that our baby was going to be exposed to the chemicals found in disposables.  Luckily for us he has never had a diaper rash and his cloth was especially helpful when he had to have surgery, as it provided extra padding that helped reduce the pain and prevent unintentional injury to the area.

One of the biggest reasons that led us to use cloth was cost.  We didn’t want to be a slave to the baby aisle.  We didn’t want to go to the grocery store and spend more money in the baby aisle than on food.  I now have the freedom to never buy another diaper again if I no longer had the means to support my Smart Bottoms addiction.

I am now a huge supporter of cloth diapering for the many benefits such as saving money, saving the planet and saving your life, lol (never had a blow-out using cloth).  Not to mention that the diapers themselves are super cute and all you want to do is show off your cute baby in an adorable diaper.


About Nicole Stevens: I am a mother of 3 children and 2 bonus children, for a total of 5 babies, ranging in age from 12 to 8 months old I work full time at night for a busy Emergency Department at a community hospital as a Registered Nurse.  I have a passion for arts and crafts and spend my days being creative making decorative items for our home.  My husband and I enjoy living life and trying new things.  The entire family loves the beach and we like to be on the water whenever possible.  I am a believer in baby wearing, cloth diapering, natural products, breastfeeding and co-sleeping.


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