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10 Reasons Why I Love the Too Smart Cover and Too Smart Inserts

This post is contributed by Smart Bottoms' guest blogger, Janel Clark

Are you for a way to cloth diaper without using pockets diapers or all-in-ones? Perhaps you're curious about diaper covers but aren't sure what they are or how they work?! Read on...guest blogger Janel Clark shares her reasons why she loves the Too Smart Cover and Too Smart Insert!

  1. Trimness. I will always remember the first time I put a Too Smart Cover and Too Smart Insert on my baby. Who would have thought there would be a diapering option that was more trim than a 3.1? If you are not one who enjoys the extra fluff from a cloth diaper, the combination of a Too Smart Cover with a Too Smart Insert might be for you.
  1. More cost effective than all-in-one options. Smart Bottoms always has such amazing prints coming out. It can become difficult to keep up with buying them all. Covers offer a more cost effective way to allow you to buy all of the prints and solids that you love. 
  1. Quality. Just like with all of the other Smart Bottoms products, the quality is unmatched. I love knowing that I am spending my money on something that is made in the USA and will last through diapering multiple children. The PUL in the covers is nice and sturdy. The Too Smart Inserts use the same soft organic cotton as the popular 3.1 diaper. It feels good to know exactly what I am putting against my baby's skin.
  1. Features. For me, there are always two features I look for in a cover that not all covers have. The Too Smart Cover has both, yokes and double gussets. Yokes are the flaps on either end of the inner cover that help to hold your absorbency in place. When you have an active baby/toddler yokes are a must. The yokes also help with keeping the insert in place while changing too. Double gussets also help in holding everything together. They help keep what needs to be kept in the diaper in. Double gussets give a nice snug fit around the leg to prevent leaks. It is key to get that double gusset way up into the "underwear crease" for the best fit.
  1. Less to wash. Using covers and inserts produces less laundry. You do not have to change the whole diaper with each change. If the baby has only peed, just take out the insert and put a new one in. Who doesn't love less laundry? Since there aren't so many things sewn together with covers and inserts it also makes them easier to clean. You can also toss the Too Smart Inserts into the dryer without having to worry about damaging any PUL. Covers can be hung to dry and they dry speedy fast. 
  1. Easy to customize absorbency. Have a super heavy wetter? No problem, just add another insert. Going on a longer car trip? No problem, just add another insert. Looking for a night time solution? Yup, you guessed it, just add another insert. 
  1. Great for outfit planning. You have an adorable outfit planned for your baby. The shirt matches the diaper perfectly. Naturally, your baby then needs to be changed multiple times throughout the day. The outfit no longer matches. With covers, you can use the same cover or two for the majority of the day and keep that outfit looking stellar. 
  1. Can be worn over a disposable. Looking to get someone into cloth? Covers are a great way to start. Wearing a cover over a disposable diaper achieves two things that lure parents into using cloth. It makes the baby look even more adorable, and it prevents blow-outs. 
  1. Easier to prep than a 3.1 Too Smart Inserts can be boiled to prep. This significantly reduces prep time. It's even more fun because they sort of look like lasagna noodles while they are boiling. Just be sure that you have a large pot of water. Bring it to a boil, add a drop or two of dawn dish soap and 3 inserts. Boil for 15 minutes. Rinse them off well. Toss them in one cycle with regular laundry or diaper laundry and they should be good to go.
  1. Take up less space when traveling, or for storage purposes. You can actually fit a Too Smart Cover and a Too Smart insert together in a mini wet bag! Each time we have traveled we have opted to take covers and inserts. I can fit nearly a week's worth of changes into one diaper bag. This is huge when space is at a premium in a car or plane. 


I'm Janel, I live with my husband, two year old son, dogs, and of course our cats in the state of Kentucky. My family enjoys spending time together and loves cloth diapering. I work full time as an elementary school teacher. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out in "The Smarty Pants" group on Facebook, taking tons of pictures, gardening and swimming. 

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