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A Guide to the Haversack

One of the quintessential products that every parent must have, whether or not they use cloth diapers, is a bag that is sufficient enough to carry all of those baby necessities while away from the comfort of home. Most call this bag a "diaper bag" but here at Smart Bottoms, it's known as a Haversack.

Here are 5 awesome features of this multipurpose bag:

  1. It's roomy inside and has four interior pockets which are perfect for carrying your Smart Bottoms diapers or a bottle, or that food pouch of baby food, or a water bottle, or...okay you get the point.

  2. Heavy duty gold zipper so you can wear the Haversack and feel confident that your belongings are safely contained.

  3. One shoulder strap that can be tied to fit any body type as well as offering a few different options to wear the bag.

  4. A matching changing pad that comes with each Haversack so that you can lay your baby down on any surface and know that they'll be comfortable. The changing pad also features a waterproof, zippered pouch, that's the perfect size for your pre-moistened wipes or to store that diaper after a change on the go.

  5. The changing pad has one wipeable side made out of waterproof nylon and one side that is soft cozy fleece.

I personally like to use my Haversack for short day trips as well as a swimming bag for my kids' swim lessons. I can get two beach towels, a change of clothes, goggles and two empty On-the-Go wet bags inside this handy thing!


Since the birth of her daughter, Abigail has been in love with cloth diapering. Being passionate about what goes on her baby's bottom, vlogging and writing about it, isn't all that she is excited about! Abigail has been a professional photographer for 8 years. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and loves him so much she followed him from her home state of Indiana to the steamy south in Georgia. Follow her writing on SAHM Cloth Mom to hear how she survives the heat while keeping her little girl                  fresh and fashionable too!

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