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Summer Collection 2018 - Myths of the Sea

Our Summer Collection is here and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you! 
This collection is called Myths of the Sea and is inspired by the mythical sea creatures Kraken, Nessie, and Sirens. Each print also has a coordinating striped pattern to complete its look, making a total of six new designs. 
The Myths of the Sea Collection will be available beginning 7.11.18 at 12:01 am EST at your favorite Smart Bottoms Retailer.
This new collection will be available in the following products:
- SmartOne 3.1              
- Dream Diaper 2.0                     
- Too Smart Cover                                         
- On-the-Go Wet Bag                              
- Small Wet Bag                                      
- Mini Wet Bag                                        
- Mesh On-the-Go Bag (Stripe Prints Only)                    
- Mesh Small Bag (Stripe Prints Only)
- Beach Blanket (Stripe Prints Only) 
- Bib (Stripe Prints Only) 
Nessie and Highlands
Sirens and Reef
Sirens mermaids cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms
Reef sea green tropical cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms
Kraken and Horizon
Kraken cloth diaper and beach blanket
Horizon orange stripes Smart Bottoms cloth diaper
This collection is also a collaboration with our sister company, bumblito. The following products will be available from bumblito on 7.11.18.
Stretch Swaddle Sets (Stripes Only)
Adult Headbands (Stripes Only)
Baby Headbands (Stripes Only) 
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  • Each retailer picked their own time. Most have it so I’m not sure where you were looking. But I do wish I could get the creatures in a beach.

  • So much for the new summer collection….the big reveal on 7/11 turned out to be a big disappointment. None of the new summer prints are available.


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