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Travel Tips from Soul

This guest blog post was contributed by the team at Soul.

Travelling with children is seeing the world through their eyes. It's an experience like no other. Unfortunately, travelling with babies is often portrayed as a difficult and complicated venture and we really don't know why!  Thankfully, there are lots of cute, affordable and stylish options today to make holidays with your baby easier than ever before. Read on to find out how!

1. Do Your Research

Check out the weather forecast for your travel dates. Decide on an itinerary, however tentative. This gives you an idea of the kind of stuff you'll need and how much of it. Plan your luggage based on this information and pack smart!

Tip: Make your baby's outfit last a little while longer by protecting it with stylish bandana bibs and definitely remember to carry a seat protector for easy cleanups.

2. Plan Ahead

Calculate the number of clothes and cloth diaper changes you will need per day for the whole trip and add some extra covers and inserts in case of emergency. They are easy to hand wash and quick to dry. If you're planning a vacation by the water don't forget to carry cloth swim diapers!

Tip: Keep a set of wet bags of various sizes handy. Smaller ones are excellent to hold toiletries or medicines too while larger ones double up as swim gear carriers.

3. Which Carrier Do You Need?

Depending on the kind of travel you’re planning, take a call on what kind of carrier(s) you want to take with you. Ring slings are a very comfortable option while on the move especially since they take up such little space in your travel bag. Check them out here. Full Buckles and onbuhimo carriers are equally popular for their ease of use and will ensure that your baby is comfortable and close to you as you sightsee or walk around. If you like variety, pack a woven wrap (or three) because they give you all the carry options as well as a quick picnic blanket or even a hammock should you need one.

Tip: Feeling trendy? The amazing Soul & Smart Bottoms collaboration ‘Dreamland’ has beautiful coordinating carriers, cloth diapers and a huge array of accessories. 

4. Cover up!

Holidays are for fun, not sunburn. Make sure your tiny beach bum is covered up on the bottom with a Smart Bottoms swim diaper and on top with a baby sun hat! Don't forget the sunscreen! Carry blankets or shawls for baby to play on, and make sure everybody stays hydrated. Soft baby footwear  will keep little travelers comfortably covered while on the move and are a more practical option than socks or hard shoes.

5. Photograph All The Things!

Take lots of photographs. Take all the holiday selfies. Take all the babywearing and OTB photos too. Capture the sights you see on your holiday, and request friendly fellow tourists to photograph your family from time to time. You’re creating memories of a lifetime here.

Tip: If you’re feeling lucky, post your Soul photos on Instagram and hashtag them with #SoulSurprise. One lucky winner is chosen by random draw each month to win a special surprise gift from Soul (we're on Instagram @SoulSlings!). What a fantastic way to round off your holiday!

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