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Three Ways to Use a Cloth Diaper Hemp Insert from Smart Bottoms

I don't have a child who is a super heavy-wetter, so I never looked into having these Hemp Inserts, or any extra absorbency for that matter. However, I got a good deal on these products (because you know, you cannot pass up a good deal on any Smart Bottoms products, ever!). One easy way to use these boosters is in addition to either the Smart One 3.1 or Dream Diaper (OG or 2.0) at nighttime. The Hemp Insert is super thin, so it lays nicely in the 3.1 or in the pocket of the Dream. No need for extra bulk. The boosters will absorb quite a bit of liquid, which helps your child wake up dry! This was my favorite nighttime use when my daughter wore diapers.


We are a Smart One 3.1 family. Like, I would marry that diaper if I could! My son can wear one with no problems for a few hours at home, so he did not need the extra absorbency during the day. We all know that Smart Bottoms is always releasing all these awesome new prints and exclusives, making the long prepping period very hard! I did not want to wait 8-10 washes for my son to wear the new diaper. That is when I started adding one of these Hemp Inserts after one to two washes of the new diaper. He could wear the diaper for up to two hours (but I did not try to push it any longer). This gave me enough time to get it on the bum and of course take some pictures before it was prepped completely.

Besides what I have found works best for us with these inserts, they are great for daytime heavy wetters too! If you have a child who floods their diapers instantly, I really recommend trying out these inserts! They are trim and super absorbent. They are sold in two different sizes; small and large. I have the size small, making them fit in any of the rise settings. The ones I have are a 55% Hemp 45% Cotton Blend, making them fast to absorb because of the cotton, but also absorbent because of the hemp. I love how absorbent the blend of hemp/cotton is! It really is the best natural fiber I have had experience with. Smart Bottoms also makes a 100% Organic Cotton insert (same shape and sizes as the Hemp ones). These will absorb quickly, but will not hold as much as the hemp ones will. Smart Bottoms does not use any chemicals to strip the natural oils from the natural fibers, so you will need to prep both styles and wash them 6-8 times before they are ready for use. Both kinds of inserts are great for an extra boost with your diapers! Ours definitely get some good use!



Abigail is a stay-at-home wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to two adorable children. The four of them reside in the midwest, where the roads are flat and the corn is delicious. Her love for Smart Bottoms stemmed from the amazing quality and absorbency the first time her daughter tried their all-in-one diaper! She wanted to share her knowledge and love she had for the brand by making videos and writing blogs about them! She is an avid fan of taking pictures, and strolling the aisles aimlessly at Target for fun.

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