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Three Reasons Why I am a Bandana Bib Addict

Drool, so much drool.

I knew my son was going to be a drooler, his father was one and they are literal clones of each other.  From the day we brought Fin home he held his mouth open and buckets would pour out. My mother in law suggested using lots of Dribble Bibs since they had the same problem. Luckily baby fashion has progressed so much since then. A Bandana Bib is different to a regular bib in that it is cut in a triangle shape instead of a U shape. Allowing for a more stylish look while remaining functional.


My husband on the left, Griffin on the right. Clones, amirite?!

Come for the prints stay for the quality.

We originally bought about 10 random brands from Amazon in our search for the right one. Then Smart Bottoms began making theirs and it was immediate love. The organic cotton & polyester blend was just the right amount of softness and durability. Some brands we tried were scratchy and in a moist area he would often breakout. I’m not sure if it is the weave design that allows the bib to hold so much drool or the fabric blend. Once on a long flight we didn’t change his bib for about 6 hours and his clothes underneath were still dry while the bib was soaked in slobber.  Our first print was Endless Adventures from Abby's Lane and I actually bought it because I didn’t have the money to spend on a diaper but I still wanted something in the print. Now that our diaper stash is mostly full, I find that buying Bandana Bibs allows me to get the new cute exclusive and regular line-up prints at a great price.


Stylin’ and Profilin’

We live in Louisiana so most days we just wear SB diaper and a Bandana Bib (sometimes a shirt if we are leaving the house). I feel like my son looks put together and we don’t have to keep changing our outfit as the day goes on. Griffin is just shy of 1 year and is cutting his 4th tooth, he chews on everything and the drool just pours out. Bandana Bibs aren’t just for drool though, my husband often forgets to change Fin out of his bib at home. And we almost always forget to bring a bib when go out to eat. Many of our bandana bibs have been used to keep food off his clothes. Not once have we had a problem with staining. I wash and dry like my regular clothes, sometimes I use a stain remover if the food was particularly messy. What are some of your favorite prints available in a Bandana Bib?



Hi my name is Tara, I’m a stay at home mama to a wild (almost 1yr old) boy, Griffin. I am a military spouse currently living in Louisiana with 3 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats. I volunteer/worked in animal rescue almost all of my life. I’m a postpartum survivor navigating the in and outs of natural parenting while trying to keep my sanity. After months of colic and multiple food allergies we are finally learning our new normal.

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