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Everyday Uses for the Beach Blanket

Everyone knows Smart Bottoms for their amazing diapers but I think some of the other products don’t get enough love! I like to think about wet bags, bibs and beach blankets as my way to keep my favorite prints in use even when Christopher eventually potty trains. We use a beach blanket somehow almost everyday! And, we live in Tennessee where the closest beach isn’t very close. Here are my top five everyday uses for the Smart Bottoms Beach Blanket.

1. BEACH: Of course my favorite use is actually at the beach even though we only make it there 2-3 times a year. One side of the blanket is a light fleece and the other is a waterproof nylon, this makes the sand shake off very easily. The fleece also keeps it from feeling sopping wet when your little one dumps his water bucket all over it, which mine did.


2. Picnics, snacks and playtime: During the summer we picnic outside at least once a week and in the winter we have indoor picnics in the playroom. For snack time, I like to lay the nylon side up so I can easily wipe it clean. We also use it inside for playtime with our sensory bins, it contains the beans and dried pasta very well. When we are done I just fold it up and dump everything back in the bag for easy cleanup. I have heard of many moms using the beach blanket under their child’s high chair to help catch messy food spills (and tosses). We have two dogs who keep that under control already or else we would be trying that out too.


3. Seat Protector: The beach blanket makes a perfect giant sized seat saver! I lay it over the backseat when we drive with the dogs to protect the seats.


4. Table Cloth: It is a perfect tablecloth for small tables and child tables. I fold it in half and put it on Christopher’s picnic table for crafts & play doh. After we’re done, in the wash it goes! The fleece is great for play doh especially because he can roll and smash it without it getting stuck in the fibers of the blanket.


5. Gifts: I think a beach blanket makes for a great gift. They fit perfectly inside of a small wet bag so I usually gift them together. We added the Mason print to Christopher’s Easter basket this year and it was perfect! What are your favorite Beach Blanket uses? Leave me a comment below!


My name is Trisha Lucente! I am a mom, blogger and wife living in Franklin, TN. Since the birth of Christopher and navigating his food allergies we decided we wanted to cloth diaper. Of course since I wanted an organic option, that led me to Smart Bottoms and I’ve been in love ever since! After connecting with so many other moms on similar journeys, I decided to share my story and start a blog. Follow my writing at lifewiththelucentes.com and follow us on Instagram to keep up with more of our family adventures @prettytrisha123 & @christopherlucente

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