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Bioliners - My Secret Weapon to Dealing with Poo

When it comes to dirty diapers, I like to find any possible way to make cleaning easier. Especially having two young children, anything that makes my life easier is #1 on my radar. We already use the Smart Bottoms Fleece Liners in every diaper, which helps keep clean up easier, but not always 100% since I was still having to spray some diapers from time to time. Then I came across Smart Bottoms Biodegradable Liners that are made from cotton cellulose, and let me just say that like everything else Smart Bottoms makes, they are amazing. Really, amazing does not cover how awesome they truly are.

When you see the liners on your diaper your first thought may be "Wow, these are so much bigger than the diaper!" As the fleece liners fit perfectly in the diaper, these can be quite a shock at first. I personally really like that they are so much bigger. I do a little something special when I put it on my son, and because of the extra bit on the liner that seems like excess, it helps contain just about all of it! Check out the video to see how I put these on with the diapers and not having anything excess hanging out.

Most disposable liners, such as these, are not septic safe, so I do not flush mine. (If I was traveling I would flush because, well, that is not my septic system :) ). Sometimes, and that term is used loosely, I will have to spray the liner. Since I do not flush them, if it is really bad I do not want that sitting in the trash can, so I will spray to help get all the waste down the toilet. The Smart Bottoms disposable liners hold up very well when you spray them. They stay together, making it easy to quickly rinse off the waste, and then throw the liner in the trash can. Other liners will immediately start disintegrating as the water touches them, which is not very helpful if you need to spray. I rarely have to spray the actual diaper, because if it bypasses the disposable liner, the fleece liner catches it. Honestly, it has been 6 months since I have touched my sprayer! Now, if you do not mind spraying diapers, more power to you! I am not a huge fan of it, so these liners were an amazing addition to the Smart Bottoms products they make.

As you can see below, I will put the fleece liner on the diaper like usual, and then I add the disposable liner on top.

These liners also work wonderfully for those babies that are sensitive to synthetic fibers and cannot use the fleece liners. The disposable liners are made from 100% natural cotton cellulose. So if you have a sensitive little one and are wanting easier clean up, give these liners a try! You will not regret it! 


Abigail is a stay-at-home wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to two adorable children. The four of them reside in the midwest, where the roads are flat and the corn is delicious. Her love for Smart Bottoms stemmed from the amazing quality and absorbency the first time her daughter tried their all-in-one diaper! She wanted to share her knowledge and love she had for the brand by making videos and writing blogs about them! She is an avid fan of taking pictures, and strolling the aisles aimlessly at Target for fun.


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