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The Dream Diaper 2.0: Something to Write Home About

The Dream Diaper 2.0 is what your cloth diaper dreams are made of. It requires little prep (you can actually put it OTB (on the bottom) right away if you’re in dire times) and is as amazing during the night as it is during the day! As a mom with two babies in cloth who are very different in size, I look for two main things in a diaper: fit and absorbency. Some of the reasons I love the new Dream Diaper 2.0 is because I can get a great fit on both of my babies and I never have to worry about a leak.

Let’s talk about the fit
This diaper fits my 18-pound baby just as well as it fits my child that’s 25 pounds! You’d think a diaper would need to be super bulky to accomplish that, but nope! The Dream Diaper 2.0 is super trim on my children – thanks to the easy, adjustable snaps and rise settings. My youngest is now crawling, so what may have seemed like a good fit when she was immobile can be drastically different now that she doesn’t sit still! Nonetheless, the Dream Diaper 2.0 is always snug against her little thighs! I love how the reinforced pocket allows the diaper to sit flat against her belly – and I never have to worry about her being uncomfortable as she’s exploring her new world.

The best absorbency on the market
Once my two-year-old became more of a heavy wetter, I found myself spending too much money on disposables for nighttime use because I thought nothing else would work. Then came the Dream Diaper 2.0: A diaper that works incredibly well for heavy wetters at any age. Why is this diaper so absorbent, you ask? The inside fabric is a blend of organic cotton and hemp which makes it 30% more absorbent than the Smart One 3.1. When you add the Dream Diaper Overnight Insert, the Dream Diaper 2.0 has no competition! At first, I was nervous to put Dream Diaper 2.0 to the test as an overnight solution, but night after night – even if my two-year-old has a cup of water during the night, she wakes up dry! If it’s a night that she’s had more to drink than usual, I simply stick the regular insert into the pocket opening along with the Overnight Insert snapped in.

From one parent to another, trust me when I say this diaper is the stuff dreams are made of! Smart Bottoms is well known for producing quality products and I truly feel like they went above and beyond with the Dream Diaper 2.0.

My name is Morghan Gowdy and I'm a cloth diapering SAHM of four girls and one bonus son. I currently have two in cloth and have been cloth diapering for a little over 2 years. When I discovered Smart Bottoms I fell in love and replaced an entire stash of another brand with SB! 

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