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Why Parents Love the Bandana Bib

Fact: Babies are master droolers. We think they may drool more than dogs! So how do parents sop up dribble without sacrificing style? With the help of the Bandana Bib! Our one-size bibs are soft, absorbent, and super cute. And in our case, soft means gentle. Whether or not your baby has sensitive skin, our bibs are gentle and perfect for any skin type.

The new Smart Bottoms bibs are made with two snaps, which means you get to enjoy the cuteness longer! If you need to give your growing baby extra room, simply use the last snap at the end to loosen it up.

The printed Bandana Bibs are made with 50% Organic Cotton and 50% polyester. These breathable accessories add so much style to any outfit! Tons of parents use our bibs for everyday functionality and fashion, and some select the perfect Smart Bottoms bib for cake smash photos!

Check out why these moms love the Smart Bottoms Bandana Bib:

"They're perfect for catching drool and are soft against her sensitive skin!" -Sarah Heins. 

"In regard to fit, my 1.5 year old has plenty of room in hers. We love them for drooling!" -Kalika Brissman

"Smart Bottoms Bandana Bibs are thin yet so absorbent! I love knowing that even though my little one won't be in diapers forever, we can still wear our Smart Bottoms proudly after potty training." -Trisha Lucente

Which bib is your favorite?! 

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